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Leadership and Staff

BostonMS Team, our leaders and each and every staff member are dedicated to the belief that every child in the U.S. and around the world deserves a future

Jiwoo Lee

  • President/Co-Founder

  • Website Construction Director

  • Communicating with partner organizations regarding donation and volunteering 


Junseo Lee

  • Website Tech Director

  • Donation Payment System 

Jaehong Kim

  • Editor-in-Chief 

  • Website Construction Assistant Manager 

  • Website Design Assistant Manager 

Min Park

  • Highschool Team President

Alexander Lho 

  • Student Tutor Team Leader

Becky Nam 

  • Project Manager

Paul Kim

  • Website Design Assistant

Christine Lee

  • Designing website contents

  • Communicating with local sites (for volunteer work/community service)

  • Forum Manager

Brian Lee

  • Initiated the BostonMS project to help communities in need

  • Recruiting and organizing teams for the project.

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