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Our History

In 2006, MS EDUCATION started sponsoring Missionary Park Chul-hyun, who was working for the indigenous peoples in Indonesia and neighboring countries. MS EDUCATION’s Sukwon Lee (Founder) and Soeun Lee (Co-founder), firmly believe the importance of children's education and the effect it has on their future. They have continued to pray and provide goods for 14 years, and Missionary Park Chul-hyun has helped establish refugee schools, the Victory Christian School, and Aboriginal village schools, in efforts to improve the native children’s education.


Indigenous people living in the mountains are jobless and suffer from extreme poverty. As a result, most children suffer from malnutrition and impaired growth development. It is our duty and pleasure to serve these children. To answer their issue of no clean water sources, we built wells to save children from water-borne diseases such as cholera. In the past, 14 people died after drinking polluted river water in a village, but now the well-supply campaign has dramatically improved the health of the village. Indigenous people have an average life expectancy of 40 years and have an average of 12 children per family. However, half of these children die from various diseases such as pneumonia and cholera, and the health and education of living children are not guaranteed.


Our privileges and fortunate situations allow us to help those who do not have our opportunities. BostonMS started with two people, but I would like to invite you to join us. Help us help them.


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2006 Food Support for Indigenous Children

Food shortages are common for Indigenous children living in the jungles of Malaysia. Due to the mountainous geography that limits rice production and the rainy season that stalls hunting, any sort of food is hard to come by in that region. We started sponsoring $2,000 per month to help these children eat.

More than 100,000 refugees have fled to Malaysia and are becoming a social issue. Refugees don’t have an IC card, which means they are unable to receive a school education. Through the refugee school, graduates are offered the opportunity to study abroad in either the United States or Canada. This program is a way to ensure the safety of Malaysian emigrants.

2008 Establishment of a Refugee School


No clean sources of water, only bacteria-ridden and contaminated river water existed in the Malaysian village until BostonMS began the well projects. As a result, the villagers had no choice but to clean and cook with polluted water. Diseases plagued the people and have resulted in some deaths, which is why it is our mission to supply each village with fresh water wells.

Many native children in Malaysia have no education and live illiterate throughout their lives. It is our goal to open up schools in every village and, if a certain level of literacy is achieved, be able to send students to a regular school for a standardized education. In the evenings, BostonMS provides a writing night school for adults. Sponsor $4,000 per month to support the village schools.


The Victory Christian School was permitted by the Malaysian government to educate and raise the children under Christianity to become talented people of society. By their diligent work and effort, they placed third in a regional math competition consisting of 3,000 participants. Teachers and students alike are enriching Malaysia’s future through their dedication and commitment. BostonMS has started a voluntary program consisting of American and Korean students to improve education and school operation.


2011 Start of Well Projects

2012 Native Malaysian Schools


2018 Beginning of Medical Support

As mentioned before, Native Malaysians have an average life expectancy of 40 and an average of 12 children per family, but half of these children die from various diseases before the age of 10. To help, medical missions began from Korea to Malaysia in efforts to reduce deaths caused by pneumonia, specifically. Currently, in collaboration with the local doctors, the team is opening missionary hospitals for the natives.


2020 Mask Relay

After the coronavirus outbreak, American healthcare providers are having a hard time. They work every day to save more people from the virus. However, they do not have enough medical supplies. Since 2020, Boston MS has been supporting health care workers by providing face masks. We send the masks that people donated to the hospitals and the other places that need our support. This relay is being a big help in this pandemic.

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