Support Students in Malaysia 

Victory School, located near Malaysia and the Indonesian border, is where about 200 students and 13 teachers work hard to achieve their goal of learning. As the school is geographically near the equator, the environment is not ideal for students to study. Some students have to take transportation for hours in a hot and humid situation to arrive at school.

Most of the students here at Victory School lack financial support to dress, eat, and study properly. 

Our goal is to connect each donor to one student and support that student for at least a year so that he/she could continue studying in a better condition. The donation will help the student to get a school uniform and school materials such as books, pencils, notebooks, etc. $20 will also cover their tuition, food, and transportation fee. 
Each donor would write and send a letter to their supporting student once in two months and get a response from the students once in six months via letter or a video. We want the donors and students to have a connection while supporting them. 

If they don't get an education, there will be no future.

Please support native Malaysian children with the opportunity to be educated. 

Please make sure to keep your support for 12 months. It's very helpful for stable education for students.

Apriyanto Laia.png

Apriyanto Laia

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Rika Putri Maria Gultom

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Ridwan Handika

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Arnilina Laia

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Novri Yanti

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Chelsea Juniarta Marpaung

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Joseven Imanuel Marpaung

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Gledis Sarah Talita Gea

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Bangun Christian Gea

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Clasrissa Yulia Lumbantoruan

Without the teachers, students wouldn't be able to study properly. Support these teachers for their salary so that they could keep helping, teaching these students in Victory School. Teachers in the Victory School also have to be in a harsh environment while teaching and protecting the students while they are at school. Because of the finical difficulty of the school, teachers don't get enough salary. Most of the teachers work as a teacher, along with the other duties to run the school. The teachers here are dedicated to teaching the students and helping them to study in a better environment. Once they get a steady salary every month, they would work harder to be a better help to the students. Supporting the teachers is supporting the school as a whole. Without the teachers, students wouldn't be able to study properly. Support these teachers for their salary so that they could keep helping, teaching these students in Victory School.

Support the Teachers 

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Alicia Angelin 

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Rachel Josephine

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Ocber Ardianto Sitinjak

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 6.45.44 PM.png

Alessia Ivana

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Apriyanto Laia

Tiorita Tambunan

Tiorita Tambunan

Date of Birth : July 24, 1980

Works as a nurse in Victory School

Takes care of student's health

at a clinic inside the school


Teach and supervise students

Ms. Tambunan got a supporter!


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Andi Dores

Andi Dores

Date of Birth : January 5, 1991

Works as an administrator in Victory School

Takes care of overall teachers and students in school 

Teaches the students on different subjects at school

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General Help to Malaysia

Since 2006, BostonMS has been helping schools for the indigenous people, refugee children, and Victory Christian School in Indonesia and surrounding southern countries. Specifically, BostonMS has been supplying rice and other foods to malnourished and hungry children, as well as providing clean water through well projects.


Please give the gift of hope to the indigenous children in Malaysia.